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US players are unfortunate, because they're not able to play at one of the best poker rooms around, which is PKR. However us non-US players get the benefit, as PKR attracts a ton of fish due to their incredible 3D graphics. They are so much more than graphics though - did you know that they feature their tables on TV? So you could sit at a table, and have people around the world watch you play. Or how about their 100% to $2000 sign-up bonus? Add 30% rakeback on top of that, and you would be crazy not to play here.

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Online Poker Room VIP Club Reviews

I'm sure most of you have played at casinos, and gotten free drinks, and maybe even a buffet from a casino's VIP program. But when gambling online, the VIP programs are even better. Instead of a ticket to the buffet you can get cash, tournament entries, gift certificates, and as these programs expand, maybe even a chance to be on the World Poker Tour or World Series of Poker.

We have provided valuable information about all the current VIP Clubs ran by poker rooms below, and ranked them accordingly. We have also included loyalty clubs and rewards programs.


VIP Ranking:
Pokerstars launched their VIP Program in January 2006, and have immediately shown why they are one of the leaders in this industry, with an incredibly thought-out, revolutionary VIP Program that treats players with respect, and offers some incredible options.

Prior to January, you would earn 1 Frequent Player Point(FPP) per raked hand, depending on amount of rake and limit(.5/1 for example, $10 pot. $1/$2, $15 pot). You could then use these points in the Pokerstars FPP Store, where you could buy various merchandise.

Now, Pokerstars have introduced VPP's, which are VIP Player Points. These are earned the same way as the old FPPs. Everyone starts off as a BronzeStar member, and have access to the regular FPP shop. However if you earn 1500 of these in one month, you are moved to Silverstar for that month, and the next month. Earn 4000, and you are Goldstar. Earn 10,000 in one month, and become PlatinumStar. The creme de la crop is when you accumulate 100,000 VIP Player Points over one calendar year, where you become Supernova, and will remain that way for the rest of the year. With each level, you gain access to new items in the shops, and other benefits.

SilverStar: 50% FPP Bonus. For every 1 FPP earned, you gain .5 extra. Access to Silverstar VIP store, where you can purchase Ipod Nano, Ticket to 500k tournament, Black wool letterman's jacket, 11.5 gram composite poker chip set, 2 deck card set, and ability to name a star. Weekly Silverstar $2500 freerolls. Access to satellites for the $100,000 freeroll reserved for GoldStar+ members.

GoldStar: 100% FPP bonus. For every 1 FPP earned, you get an extra FPP. Monthly $100,000 freeroll entry. Ability to purchase GoldStar only merchandise, including LCD TVs & Monitors, a poker table, a delux 500 chip set, a $500 Travel gift certificate, or the opportunity to have a single table tournament with one of Pokerstars major players, be it Joe Hachem, Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker or Tom McEvoy.

PlatinumStar: 150% FPP bonus. For every 1 FPP earned, you gain an extra 1.5. Monthly $100,000 Freeroll Tournament. Exclusive PlatinumStar store, where you can buy entries to major events including the European Tour, the World Series of Poker and the World Championship of Online Poker. Also can buy a 50" Plasma TV, gift certificates and more.

SuperNovaStar: 250% FPP Bonus, so for every FPP earned, you get 2.5 extra FPPs. Weekly Supernova Freerolls, $10,000 up to $26,000. Monthly VIP Tournaments. Access to exclusive Supernova store, where you can buy a WSOP Main Event Ticket, entry in the Pokerstars Carribean Adventure, or even a Porsche Cayman S!

This is an incredibly well thought out system, and is easily the best VIP Program on the internet today.

[Review] [Website]

VIP Ranking:
Become a VIP member by accumulating 5000 epoints, earned in ring games and tournaments. Benefits include $10,000 monthly EPoints Freeroll, $5,000 VIP Freeroll, Special Customer Support, Double amount of EPoints, can cash out EPoints $1 for every 100. Access to special VIP Gift Shop.

After 15,000 Epoints, access to The Royal Flush Club, the best VIP Poker program currently around. Own special VIP card, 20% extra Epoints, $100 free a month with no requirements, various free tournament entries, a special welcome gift, free television, LCD Monitor and Vegas Trip for 2 people, all expenses paid, after accumulating enough EPoints.

[Review] [Website]


VIP Ranking:
Absolute Poker's "Reward Program", only available after compiling 500 points, is a program with some exclusive features, including receiving your own unique membership card, which you can use to get into Team Absolute VIP Events. You earn points for this program via ring games and tournaments, and can spend the points either on tournaments or in the Absolute Rewards Store. Unfortunately, the store has a very small section of items compared to some other sites, making this program exactly average

[Review] [Website]


VIP Ranking:
Although not yet officially a VIP Club, Full Tilt Poker runs VIP Freeroll Tournaments each month. There are three tournaments, and the top 1500 Full Tilt Point earners get entry to these tournaments. Top 1-500 are in a $28,000 VIP Freeroll, 501-1000 in $15,000 VIP freeroll, and 1001-1500 into a $7k VIP Freeroll. You can also spend your Full Tilt points in the Full Tilt store, which has a very large selection of merchandise.

Full Tilt also run other loyalty-based programs, for example they recently ran the Iron Man promotion, where if you earn 50 Full Tilt points for 30 consecutive days, you gained entry to a special freeroll.

[Review] [Website]


VIP Ranking:
Party Poker is in the beginning stages of implementing their VIP Program. Currently, they will give high volume players cash, depending on how much they play each month. For more information on that, you have to e-mail them at

They also have a loyalty program entitled the Party Poker Players Club, where you earn Party Points for every hand that you play, and you can purchase various Party Poker merchandise in their store with these points. The more points you earn, the higher a level you move up, with three levels, blue, silver and gold. Higher levels equal more points earned, with access to special promotions and priority to your e-mails.

[Review] [Website]

Loyalty Points/Rewards Programs

Many other poker rooms keep their customers happy by offering a rewards system, where you can collect points and use them for various items. We have listed all information about these below, as well as ranked them:

Poker Room: Program Details Rating:
Ultimate Bet By signing up at Ultimate Bet, you become a member of "The Ultimate Players Club". Earn points by playing poker here, both for amount of hands played and amount of time played, in both tournaments and cash games, as well as via surveys and other methods.

You can use these points to enter tournaments, or use in their store where they have clothing, books, chipset and even a Harley Davidson and $10,000 cash!
True Poker True Poker has a solid points system, although points have recently been made more difficult to obtain. For every pot where the rake is $1+, you get 1 point. For every pot less than $1 you get a fraction of a point. You also get 1 point for every $1 of tournament fees paid. They have five different status levels, Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, and you move up the status levels the more points you obtain. It's unlike Pokerstars though, in that moving to a new status level doesn't earn you more points per hand. As Gold and Platinum however, you get the option to redeem your points directly for cash.

True Points can be used for purchasing merchandise or tournament entries. Their store includes the standard True Points merchandise, and their points->dollars ratio is satisfactory. For example, 60,000 points earns a luxury cruise for two. You can also get a Harley Davidson, a trip to Las Vegas, and poker books. Overall, a solid loyalty program that with some work on it, could become one of the best in the industry.
Pokerroom At Pokerroom, you can earn points per raked hand. Every so often they will run a Player Points Redemption promotion, where you can trade your points in for a bonus. For example, 1000 PP will earn you a $10 bonus, 10,000 PP a $150 bonus. Unfortunately this only happens a few times a year. The top fifty points earners also split $1000 each month, and are entered in a player points freeroll. However with their own Pokerroom store, it is very disappointing that you cannot use your points to purchase items in that. Pokerroom are a very well organized site, with a lot of great marketing ideas, however they really need to take another look at their Loyalty Program.
InterPoker New Loyalty Program to be launched January 2006. Playing ring games and tournaments earn comp points at, where you are able to trade these in for exclusive bonuses and freeroll tournaments. They're also going to be opening up a store in the very near future where you can purchase items with your points, as well as a special players club.
PokerHost At PokerHost, you earn points for every hand that you see the flop with, as well as points for rake generated. 4 points to see the flop, $1 in rake = 20 points. For every 10,000 points, you get $20. You can also buy in to special tournaments.
Royal Vegas Poker At Royal Vegas, you earn points for the amount of hands you play, depending on limit. For example at .5/1 you earn 1 point per raked hand, and for $5/$10 you earn 3 points per raked hand. The top 1500 point earners each month are entered in a special $40,000 guaranteed freeroll.
Carribean Sun Poker Carribean Sun Poker's loyalty program is still in the works. Currently, you earn poker points per raked hand which you can use in a special freeroll tournament. Soon you will be able to transfer your poker points into Peak Rewards, where you can redeem your points for free cash and merchandise.
Celeb Poker No loyalty program to speak of, however all Celeb Poker members get a 25% discount in the Celeb Poker shop, which features Celeb Poker merchandise, equipment like chips and cards, and various autographed merchandise.

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